What Is Erythrophobia & How Can You Treat It?

There are a lot of people in the world we live in today that suffers from erythrophobia, the strange or interesting thing is, most have no idea what it even is and how it impacts their life. It is the fear of blushing, if you’ve found this page then you probably already know exactly what it is.

If not then let’s have a rundown:

Erythrophobia is a social phobia, it usually is part of a bigger social problem and often the person suffering from this will have many other social phobias that they have to deal with. Although it is a phobia of blushing, it’s not the actual blushing but more the attention it brings.

If you’ve ever suffered from a social phobia you can understand why people just want to blend in and not stand out at all. Before we cover how to treat it, it’s important to find out why you’re blushing and what is actually happening in your body to cause it.

It is the thing of nightmares for anybody with anxiety to stick out and be the center of attention.


Erythrophobia Symptoms

It is not just as simple blushing often that means you’re suffering with it, there are many things you want to look out for, below I’ve listed the most common.

Here are the most common symptoms:

  • Shaking
  • Excessive & really strong blushing
  • Sweating whilst in social situations
  • Heavy panting
  • Stuttering whilst conversing
  • Elevated heart rate

With social phobia’s it can be very difficult, it’s easy to be diagnosed with something else and then actually developing the condition. This is done within your own mind, it’s very powerful and can create many emotions and influence us without us realizing.

There is a big difference between somebody who blushes a lot and suffers from erythrophobia, the main difference is the sheer panic that you might blush BEFORE you actually do.

They start panicking about it which causes some of the other symptoms. It can be compared with a panic attack in that it shares some symptoms and can actually lead to a full blown panic attack. It can also be more subtle than this, some people just think they blush easily and it doesn’t bother them.

Much like anxiety it needs to be sorted sooner rather than later if you allow it to take hold of your life this is where the real problems can come from. Soon you will find yourself avoiding all potential social situations and it will always become worse by ignoring it.

If you are suffering from more than 2 of the above symptoms you have a good chance of having erythrophobia. Obviously, the blushing symptom needs to be one of them.

What Makes People Blush?

There are endless reasons why you may blush in any certain scenario, but I’ve gone and listed the most common so you can apply these to your situation and see if you fit in.

  • Anxiety – By far the most common!
  • Heat
  • Alcohol
  • Weather
  • Anger
  • Spicy foods
  • Exercise

These are just the most common, anxiety of some sort can almost always be attributed to it. The more anxious you’re about something happening the likelihood of it happening increases, especially when it is controlled by your mind.

Now that we’ve established the most common causes and symptoms, can we treat it?

How To Treat Erythrophobia

Treating erythrophobia

Yes we can treat it, there are many different ways to tackle this but I’ve personally had the most success with one particular method, which I will talk about below.

Hopefully, that has given you some relief, knowing that not only is it very treatable there are many people before you that have got over it, myself included.

It’s important to note that you’re not alone, there will also be many people after you who suffer from this and there has been many before you.

Like any condition you want to get rid of or treat you have to start at the cause, this is especially important with social anxiety issues but it relates to almost everything really. That is especially hard when you’re not really that sure what is could be.

There are essentially two different routes to curing or treating it, you can either learn how to stop blushing OR you can learn how to get over it when you do blush. They are two different routes to the same destination, most people I’ve helped have wanted to start with stopping themselves blushing. It makes sense if you stop blushing then what do you have to be afraid of?

To stop blushing you will need to get a better control of your emotions, that is essentially what is causing it. I got over mine and recommend everybody who wants to get over it to try self-hypnosis, it’s actually very good and helped me so much during my journey. I will talk more about that below.

How Can Hypnosis Help?

Hypnosis helps by reducing the anxiety that you put around blushing, it makes you calmer and understands how to control your blushing. It is not expensive or does it require taking a drug that merely masks the symptoms of anxiety but instead it trains your mind to learn how to deal with those situations.

How did it help me?

This is how I personally got over it, it took me around 2 weeks until I was confident enough to say I had completely gotten over it. I’m sure this isn’t typical and I’m sure people get over it quicker than me, this is just my experience.

If you want to learn how to get over erythrophobia through hypnosis please click here.

There are many other people who’ve gone through this also, you get to join a community of people who’ve gone through the same thing. The people who run that website are also very friendly and helpful. They helped me go through a difficult time in my life and I couldn’t be more thankful to them.