Learn How To Stop Blushing

Many people struggle with blushing and want to learn how to stop blushing. There are a lot of creams and medications out there, so the true answer to this question has become very confusing. However, the reality of the matter is that there are diseases and conditions that can be cured and others that cannot. What they can do about it is put this disease under control or even decrease it to the minimum. Just to be clear it is not a disease, it is just a symptom of something, it is a way in which your body is reacting to something, this may be mental or physical.

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There are many ways of potentially curing blushing:


Creams are often just a cover up, but there are certain methods in which you can get over the mental causes, by that I mean blushing that is caused from a mental point of view, for example, social anxiety.

The problem with most medications today are the side effects that can cause even bigger problems than the initial one was, that is why most of the people try to find an alternative cure or a simple cover up. This is why you’ll see below that I never recommend any medication for this.

Can It Be Avoided Naturally?

The problem can be largely avoided with some simple natural methods. It really is a kind of mind over matter stuff. First, you need to understand that this is not a serious problem, although it may feel like that sometimes. Once you realize that the problem is not as big as you might think it is, the solution is always closer. A great thing to try is hypnosis, many people have fundamentally altered the way they feel about blushing through hypnosis and this is a good option to cure it. When you read more into hypnosis you can see that there are many people out there that learned how to stop blushing through this, it’s all about controlling your state of mind.

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Can Hypnosis Cure Blushing?

Why despite the fact that we all get shy or feel ashamed sometimes, some people blush and others don’t? Why do they say it is a problem of shyness or self-esteem if we all know a lot of timid, very shy people and yet we have never seen them turn red?

The erythrophobia corresponds to targeting unconscious problems. It targets the deep feelings of these people. They might not even know how afraid they are of a certain situation or interaction with others until they have to face it. Even if they keep telling themselves that they are okay with it, deep down they are scared and insecure about themselves, which reflects on the way they look and seem later on when they blush.

What Situations Make People Blush?

You can get shy and flushed in many different situations, for example, a business meeting. You have to expose important issues, thoughts, and ideas to your colleagues and this is stressful for shy people.

how to stop blushing

The people who do not turn red focus on the subject they are exposing, they receive the impact of shame in the first second, but in the next few seconds their minds start focusing on the subject they are exposing, such as what will explain first, the tone of voice they will use, the body position they will adopt, slides, etc.

The last thing they think about is people around them and the way they look at them. On the other side, people that do turn red focus on other people automatically and inevitably, they receive the impact of shame in the first second, and in the next few seconds their minds unconsciously focus on people because they pay attention to the way they look at them, think if they are judging the way they speak, talk or move and eventually apart from blushing, they usually get clumsy or forget things in the middle of the sentence.

That is the strategy to overcome erythrophobia, targeting through repetitive messages.

The Solution on How To Stop Blushing Is Simple

Targeting the change in hypnosis sessions where it is suggested to the patient to select the thoughts in his mind and take control of them. The patient is slowly able to exclude the harmful ones and only keep the positive thoughts. After the first hypnosis session changes are noticed, when you find yourself facing an event where you know you’re going to blush again, in the first second you feel shame (just like everyone) but in the next few seconds, without any effort, the unconscious shame disappears strongly without repetitive messages, then the sense of shame does not last, it is not continuous.

Other types of suggestion in hypnotic sessions have failed to cure this phobia not determine the root of the problem correctly. It is not a self-esteem problem, or shyness or social phobia, the problem is the repetitive mental message (with unreal arguments) that magnifies shame in these difficult times and makes you turn red.

What Have Past Patients Said?

Many patients talked about their experiences and assured us that this kind of hypnotic suggestion helps not only in the moments we’re going to turn red but in other occasions where our minds go around and around thinking about negative things and exaggeration in different situations. For example, hypnosis turned out to be successful in overcoming jealousy as well. The sessions also have their own way of figuring out what kind of problem your mind targets and makes you feel things like jealousy, envy and similar.

Get over blushing

However, for many this does not work, the basis of hypnosis is to alter the feelings that arise when blushing occurs and as a result, the body does not go through the normal process as it would happen usually.

many people have fundamentally altered the way they feel about blushing through hypnosis and this is a good option to cure it.

For example, if you start blushing every time you put your hand in class and ask a question. Then you need to reinforce this idea with something different, something more positive. For example, every time you ask a question you can think of something beautiful or something positive in your lifestyle. Instead of thinking about the situation that you are currently in, you can think about a place or things that that make you happy. Like that, you will let the positive feelings within and feel more relaxed. This type of claim can be very powerful reinforcement. There are numerous training that you can do by yourself against this problem. Hypnosis did turn out to be successful to many but that doesn’t mean that it will to you as well, you have to try it to be sure.

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